Kostantinos Vardakas       MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Specialist

Doctorate at Infectious Diseases, University of Crete

School of Medicine


 Office Hours

Mon - Fri,

5pm - 9pm

Mr Kostantinos Vardakas accepts patients by appointment

Doctor At Home

Medical visits can be performed on daily basis. Home visits should be preferably by appointment, but the service emergency cases is possible. The doctor with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment is on hand to respond to any call.

    At each visit the doctor may:

  •         Provide urgently needed medication from the fully equipped kit.
  •         Put a venous catheter in place and provide intravenous solutions.
  •         Place urinary catheters or nasogastric tubes.
  •         Use the mobile diagnostic equipment available.
  •         Do an electrocardiogram.
  •         In collaboration with other agencies and clinics to perform blood tests or even plain radiographs and ultrasounds if necessary.


Private Practice

11 Taxiarchon st & Ag. Varvaras Ave
Palaio Phaliro, 17563
Tel.: 211 4037372
Cel.: 694 7939600

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