Kostantinos Vardakas       MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Specialist

Doctorate at Infectious Diseases, University of Crete

School of Medicine


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Co-operations with hospitals

The majority of cases faced by an internal medicine specialist everyday can be diagnosed clinically or with simple tests and treated at home with medications or instructions. But there is a subset of diseases that require a different diagnostic approach and treatment requires hospitalization, or possibly cooperation with other physicians from other specialties. In these cases, there are two different possibilities:

Treatment At Home

Providing advanced medical support at home is a move that has been going on for many years. At the beginning it included continuation of intravenous medications at home when the patient's condition has stabilized sufficiently so that no continuous medical observation and further hospitalization was not needed but there were no orally available medications or the patient was not able to receive oral medications (e.g., inability to swallow, the lack of oral formulations) or when the benefit of keeping patients in hospital (either financial or health) was lower than the potential complications. There is now sufficient literature on this issue and is an intervention that can be done safely provided that the patient's condition allows such an approach.

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