Kostantinos Vardakas       MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Specialist

Doctorate at Infectious Diseases, University of Crete

School of Medicine


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Mr Kostantinos Vardakas accepts patients by appointment

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Dear visitors,

Welcome to my personal website.


The office was created to provide high quality medical services to adults of all ages.


We approach your health problems according to the requirements and recent developments in medical science. Modern medicine is based on solid experimental data and we practice medicine only based on this data. The main goal is not merely the prolongation of life, but mainly to improve the quality of human life.


The basic notion is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”; thus we pay special attention on prevention, has enormous contribution to the quality of life. Working with major hospitals in Athens ensures timely prevention and accurate diagnosis and treatment of serious health problems. We can also provide medical and nursing home services to people who require intravenous medications but do not wish to go to hospital or hospitalizations may be associated with serious complications, always aiming at the maximum possible benefit.




Internal Medicine Specialist



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